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Generis Custom Metalworks - Design, Service, and Custom Manufacturing

Welcome to Generis Custom Metalworks, an all Canadian Company. We endeavour to produce the most professional products and give the most professional service in the industry. We offer full service machining and 3d Cad design, custom hardware and equipment for optics, electronics, Radio Control (R/C), and dozens of high-quality replacement and proprietary parts for R/C vehicles. We also do custom machining for R/C, specialty automotive, and home projects.

Generis Custom Metalworks is a day operated business located in North America. We are in the Eastern Time zone, working from Monday to Friday. Please send email if you need immediate service and phone contact is unavailable.

Call: (613)-797-8525
Generis Custom Metalworks
Arnprior, Ontario

E-mail: service (at-sign)

Have a look below for some articles hilighting our Custom Scale Truck builds, which include many GCM custom and GCM Racing parts.
Trail Jeep JK 4dr Image

Trail Jeep JK 4dr
CrossCanyon Trail Rated Level 1

All Stock Jeep JK Image

All Stock Jeep JK
CrossCanyon Panhard Setup

2.2 JK Jeep 4dr Image

2.2 JK Jeep 4dr
CrossCanyon JK Level 1

Jeep JK Brute MIL Spec Image

Jeep JK Brute MIL Spec
CrossCanyon Jeep Level 2

Jeep JK Brute MIL Spec Image

Jeep JK Brute MIL Spec
CrossCanyon Jeep Level 3

Jeep JK Full Load Image

Jeep JK Full Load
CC Special Jeep Level 4

1:6 Razr Buggy Image

1:6 Razr Buggy
CrossCanyon based Offroader

Tacoma Offroad Image

Tacoma Offroad
CrossCanyon Venom Scaler

FlameRanch Ford Image

FlameRanch Ford
CrossCanyon Axial Scaler

Old Blue-1956 F100 Image

Old Blue-1956 F100
Lexan, Styrene, 4TEN and Love

SourApple Ford Image

SourApple Ford
4TEN Gasser '56 F100

Speed Buggy DB-17 Image

Speed Buggy DB-17
DesertBoy Flux tricked out

Savage Flux DB-17 Image

Savage Flux DB-17
DesertBoy long wheelbase

Savage Flux DB-XL Image

Savage Flux DB-XL
DesertBoy mid-size wheelbase

SuperDuty Slider Image

SuperDuty Slider
Xray T4, Ford F-250, Slammed

F2000 Kyosho DRX-Ve Image

F2000 Kyosho DRX-Ve
Top end Rally, Top end Details